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On this page you can learn the interests and background of each of the Decibels: Jonny LeMoon, Ralph Reitenger, and Ricky Smith.
Jonathan K. LeMoon (aka Jon, Jonny, and LeMooner)

Singer and lead guitarist Jonny LeMoon

Age: 15
Hometown: Erie, PA
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Role in the Band: Singer, guitarist, harmonica player
Also Can Play: Bass, guitar, drums, saxaphone,harmonica
Hobbies: Karate, acoustic songs, girls, outside sports, working out, TV, movies
Favorite Sports to Play: Football, basketball, baseball
Favorite Sports to Watch: Football, derbys, kickboxing
Favorite Teams: Dallas Cowboys
Favorite Professional Musicians: Rolling Stones, Johnny Long, Smash Mouth, Biestie Boys, U2
Favorite Songs: American Women, All Star, Like a Rolling Stone, Symphony for the Devil
Favorite Movies: That Thing You Do; The Commitment; Liar, Liar
Favorite Actors: Jennifer Anniston, Jim Carrey
Most Admired Celebrities: Kieth Richards, Jennifer Lopez, Bono
Favorite Food: Mac and cheese, steak
Favorite Color: Blue and black
Favorite School Subjects: Social Studies, band
Least Favorite School Subjects: Math, reading
Other Interests: Karate, girls, football, cooking eggs, parties


Ralph Reitinger III (aka Ralphie)

Ralph playing his bass

Age: 15
Hometown: Erie, PA
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Role in the Band: Bass player
Also Can Play: Lead guitars
Hobbies: Listening to music, talking on the phone, bike riding
Favorite Sports to Play: Baseball, basketball
Favorite Sports to Watch: Baseball, football
Favorite Teams: Cleveland Indians, LA Lakers, Washington Redskins
Favorite Professional Musicians: Jimi Hendrix, Jakes Blues, Stevie Ray Vaughn, BB King, James Brown
Favorite Songs: Driving South, Little Miss Lover, Power of Soul, Mary had a Little Lamb
Favorite Movies: Stars Wars, James Bond
Favorite Actors: Sean Connery, Jennifer Love Hewitt
Most Admired Celebrities: Jake Banita, Sonny Wilbur, Ron Sutton
Favorite Food: Anything but tomatoes and strawberries
Favorite Color: Orange and green
Favorite School Subjects: Music, biology
Least Favorite School Subjects: Math, English


Ricky C. Smith (aka Sabian)

Ricky at work and play

Age: 17
Hometown: Erie, PA
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Role in the Band: Drummer
Also Can Play: Bass guitar
Hobbies: Electronics, instruments, having a good time
Favorite Sports to Play: Basketball, volleyball, badmitten
Favorite Sports to Watch: Pro Wrestling (WWF, WCW)
Favorite Teams: 1996 US Women's Gymnastics Olympic Team
Favorite Professional Musicians: KISS, Dave Matthews Band
Favorite Songs: Many, but anything gospel
Favorite Movies: Titanic, Leap of Faith
Favorite Actors: Morwy Twins
Most Admired Celebrities: Morwy Twins
Favorite Food: Anything with sugar, chinese food
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite School Subjects: Music, audio/visual (SVTV)
Least Favorite School Subjects: Science, math
Other Interests: Church, driving, watching bands perform